Kite Surfing Lessons in Kalpitiya

Enjoy kite lessons in a safe and beginner friendly environment

Thanks to the fantastic conditions we have at our Kiteschool, we can offer the easiest way to learn how to kiteboard: waist high water, no waves, best instructors, VHF walkie-talkies, consistent wind. These conditions are found in very few places in the world, take advantage of this and learn fast!

beginner learn kitesurfing kalpitiya

dubai kitesurfing course

We like to keep things simple, clear and straightforward, so these are how our Courses are structured:

Beginner Course

9 hours
Kitesurfing location selection / Wind direction / Wind theory / Equipment and safety devices / Kite flying / Communication and Safety / Rigging and de-rigging / Bar and lines setup / Kite handling, launch and landing / Body dragging / Kite water relaunch / Power strokes / Board handling / The Waterstart!

The price for a beginner course is 350 Eur (single) and 260 Eur/pp (double).

Polish your skills

min. 2 hours/day
Hourly kite lessons for riders wishing to improve their post-beginner skills by learning upwind riding, turning, jumping, self-rescue and more.

The price for hourly tuition is 50 Eur/hour (single) and 60 Eur/hour (double).

Advanced Skills lessons

The instructors you find at The Rascals Kite Resort are all excellent riders, not only great instructors! Book a few hours with them and finally nail that trick or learn a new one!

The price for hourly tuition is 50 Eur/hour (single) and 60 Eur/hour (double).

Please note: At the Rascals Kiteschool we do not believe in the efficiency of so called group classes, we want our students to learn in a controlled environment (safety first!) and never allocate more than 2 students with one kite per Instructor. Progression and monitoring is much faster this way and Students really achieve results! The only exception to this is advanced coaching, i.e. the Student has a high level of proficiency prior to coaching and is therefore deemed as a completely safe rider.

kite lessons in safety with the rescue boat

Zahran keeping an eye on kites during a downwinder trip