Ashtanga Yoga

Learn Ashtanga Yoga at Anawasal this season!

Daily yoga sessions can be enjoyed through out the season at our lovely neighbour resort Anawasal.

Ashtanga is a method of yoga which was taught by Sri K Pattabhi Jois at his institute in Mysore, India. After he passed away in 2009 his grandson Sharath Jois continued his legacy and until today he teaches this yoga method as the director of the Institute (KPJAYI).

Ashtanga yoga has a strong focus on the right breathing and movement. It develops strength and flexibility in a healthy and balanced way.

Ashtanga Yoga in Kalpitiya

Companion sport to kitesurfing - Ashtanga Yoga

“I have tried many different forms of training and recovery techniques to aid my surfing over the years. Although some have attributes I have learnt from and use still to this day I found that I always come full circle ending back at what seems to be the perfect complementing balancing act. Ashtanga Yoga will not only help keep your body in check preventing injuries but will also improve the key fundamental movement patterns and flexibility. It’s these attributes that Yoga has and I’ve yet to find a practice that rivals it.”
Alan Strokes, professional surfer.