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Kite Instructor Safris on our home spot

Pierre - 31/05/2017

Kite surfing instructor Safris likes to end the day with a session right in front of the Rascals resort!

A very nice spot when you need to try something different from the main lagoon kite surfing area :)

Safris has an old-school kite style throwing big airs and freestyle classic tricks such as rolls, grabs and slides. Come and say hello to the man when you visit the Rascals Kitesurfing resort school :)

Kite big air in the Kalpitiya Lagoon

Fun time in the resort's home kite spot

Just send it!

kite surfing the Rascals Lagoon

IKO kite instructor Safris in front of the resort

When there is wind, there is Safris kitting :)

Safris is one of our IKO instructors. Thanks to the fantastic conditions we have at our Kiteschool, we can offer the easiest way to learn how to kiteboard: waist high water, no waves, best instructors, VHF walkie-talkies, consistent wind. These conditions are found in very few places in the world, take advantage of this and learn fast!

Visit our Kitesurfing center page to find out more and join us on the beach!

Kite season 2017, here we come!

The Rascals - 16/04/2017

We didn’t wanna hope too much, but today it is real, wind has arrived early in Kalpitiya and the kite season 2017 has officially started! Pump your kites people, this is gonna be gooooood!

So that went ok!

The Rascals - 12/04/2017

Bwah! first season at The Rascals 2.0 edition is behind us and was it hectic? yes! (haha had probably a month of confusion and constant feeling of needing to catch up on things). did we mess up? a little bit here and there, but it hopefully went unnoticed. did we have fun? totally! both on and behind scene. have got some additional staff who were meant to be part of the team and all together make up a hilarious and lovable crew! will we do better next season? heads are full of new ideas, plans, recipes, playlists, shopping lists and don’t really know where to start, but yes! Looking so much forward to our first kitesurfing season as Rascals 2.0 and the forecast looks preeeeeety good. The surprise of last season? Our home spot. Too good to be true!

Hope to see you here in a couple of months. May-September, write it down!

It’s been a while

The Rascals - 30/10/2016


I keep forgetting that we actually started a blog on this page!

4 years have almost passed since the first blog post was written. We had just opened The Rascals, most of us clueless about how to run a hotel, and we were so stoked to have had our first guest. Today, the same staff are still with us (with a few additions) and we are just counting down til the opening of The Rascals 2.0! I like to say that we have had 4 years of training and 4 years of getting to know each other. Now we are one big tight family ready for our next challenge and very excited to present our beautiful resort.

I will be posting pictures here as they come in and please follow us on Facebook or instagram if you are curious to see whats going on :)

The date of opening is set to the 15th of december!

Island trip and downwinder

The Rascals - 21/06/2014

A video from yesterday’s island trip and downwinder:

Amazing Kalpitiya

The Rascals - 21/01/2014

Enjoying every minute of wilderness and pureness that Kalpitiya gives us!

Mondy showing off his jumping skills

Behind the scenes

The Rascals - 12/01/2014

Holiday Greetings from The Rascals

The Rascals - 27/12/2013

happy holidays!

Merry Christmas!

The Rascals - 24/12/2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our Friends around the world!