Dolphin & Whale Watching

Dolphin Cruise and Whale Watching

Enjoy a boat ride out to the blue sea where the dolphins and whales await you for the experience of a lifetime! Our Dolphin Cruise will take you to the ocean outside Kalpitiya home to large pods of dolphins and whales.

The best place in Sri Lanka to experience an ocean safari. The period between October and April, when the sea is calm, is best time to take this boat ride.

Rascals staff on the look out for dolphins in the Kalpitiya Lagoon

Fishing boat in Kalpitiya Lagoon

Coming back from a dolphin cruise

Getting ready for a dolphin cruise in Kalpitiya Lagoon

We partner with local fishermen and tourist centres to offer you a genuine experience in Kalpitiya where the local economy benefits from the tourists. This helps build a good and valuable long lasting relationship with the locals :)

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