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Wilpattu National Park

Wilpattu National Park is Sri Lanka’s largest and of the country’s oldest nature reserve. Renowned for it’s large leopard population and carrying over 30 other species of mammals it is definitely a place to visit when you come to Sri Lanka. The park is located about 40 km from our resort anytime during the “light hours”.


The sacred city of Anuradapura is listed as one of UN’s World Heritages. One could spend days walking around between temples and historical monuments in this old capital of Sri Lanka. If you are an early bird and want to get most out of one day in Sri Lanka we suggest a combined visit to Anuradapura and Wilpattu. Our driver will take you to the most popular sites of the city and you can also experience some wild life in the National Park (either on your way there or back). Back at the resort you can round off your day with a super dinner!