Meet our Team of IKO Certified Instructors

The Rascals only employ professional and fully qualified IKO Certified Instructors.

Raju – Kiteschool General Manager

Raju – Kiteschool General Manager

Waterman and musician Raju has been part of The Rascals since day 1 and today he is managing our kite school. Whenever you need advice, he is there for you and will take excellent care of your needs while staying at The Rascals Kite Resort.

He also plays in the Thaala Music Band, you can even book his services whenever you are up for some Sri Lankan music!

Safris – Kite Instructor

Safris - IKO Certified Instructors

The young guns show us how it’s done! Safris is amongst the very best riders in Sri Lanka, you can see him ripping the Kalpitiya Lagoon apart, pulling stunts, looping his kite at extreme heights, trying new tricks and sometimes crashing with a splash! He never gives up and that’s why he has always some surprises for us at the kiteschool! When he teaches he is really patient though and his students like him a lot. His motto : Kite hard, Loop hard ,Land safe, And loop tomorrow!

Fabienne – Kite Instructor

Who says flowers don’t grow on the beach?!? Meet Fabienne, our Swiss Instructor with a smile and a constant positive attitude!

She is a very patient and knowledgeable Instructor, always willing to give you tips and advice on how you should progress and improve. She speaks many languages as well (English, French, German, bit of Arabic) loves cheese and wine, is a superb and dedicated kiter.

Antoine – Kite Instructor

Antoine - IKO Certified Instructors

So here’s Antoine, friends call him Toni, a fantastic kite Instructor from Egypt! Toni joined us in 2016 and his instructing skills are second to none. Vastly experienced, he will put you on the board safely and look after you giving you tips and more. He organises the roster and kite course schedule, therefore get in touch with him to organise the details of your kite course as soon as you arrive. If you need any advice on kitesurfing equipment, sizes, latest gear he is there for you!

Sudu – Beach Assistant

Sudu - Beach Assistant

A perfect addition to our Kiteschool Team, Sudu knows EVERYTHNG about boats as he was a former fisherman, converted to the kitesurfing life. He’s now an avid kiter as well, but mainly you will see him at The Rascals Kiteschool, taking you on kite trips, driving your rescue boat accurately, helping you to come back if you are struggling with the kite, shuttling you to the beach. During non wind days, you can see him reverting to his old habits and catching dinner, by using hand nets, hand lines, literally anything! whether in the Lagoon or in the sea.

He is by character a quiet, almost shy person, but his demeanour is misleading, he is always there for you and ready for action! Sudu has eye’s in his neck :)

Alex –  Beach Assistant

Alex - Beach Assistant

You will see Alex helping out at the Kiteschool, loading and unloading gear, drinks, food, driving boats, rescuing people, landing and launching, taking you on kitetrips. Just like Sudu, he’s always ready for trips, adventures and safaris, so you will often be with him on trips. Alex has limited English, BUT he’s a smiling man, ALWAYS willing to help you AND he has a big heart!