The Rascals Kitesurfing Center

The Rascals Kitesurfing spot is in the heart of Kalpitiya

With perfect wind conditions and safe surroundings for beginners there is no better place than the Rascals resort for kitesurfing. Picture this, in front of you is the Lagoon, behind you the shore break for wave riders. That’s right, in addition to butter smooth flat lagoon water you will also find great waveriding spots a short boat ride away (ask our staff to organise a kitetrip!).

Learn kitesurfing with an AKI (Italian Kitesurfing Association) certified school and IKO Certified Instructors, where safety is priority!!

The Rascals only employ professional and fully qualified Instructors. We don’t compromise on safety! Our own rescue boat is parked right in front of our Kiteschool, on the Kalpitiya Lagoon, ready for action.

Patient and attentive instructors will look after you, our staff is there to help you with smiles, food, drinks, music, landing and launching. They also operate the rescue boat.

We teach with helmets and walkie-talkies to ensure safety and quick learning. You will never be alone in the water! Please don’t forget that as a professional organisation we also provide insurance for our students included in your course!

Our instructors are also certified by IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) and if you prefer an IKO-card, this can be received after your course. All these Certifications will enable you to show your level all over the world when you need to do so, for example when you want to rent kitesurfing equipment.

For the more experienced rider, we offer downwinders and boat trips to some mind blowing places. If you are interested let us know and we will make it happen.

The Rascals kite hut on the lagoon sand bank

Because sometimes it's good to cruise around

A nice specimen of kitesurfing rascals!

Got to love the Kalpitiya Lagoon

Do you need to update your gear? May it be brand new gear or second hand kites we probably have what you are looking for. Visit our Kite Shop inside our resort.

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