Restaurant for Wind Hungry

Sri Lankan and Italian influenced restaurant

Our restaurant being situated far from big cities and close to nature results in fresh, fresh, fresh! Seasonal fruits and vegetables and sea food from the local fishermen makes up most of our menu which is an eclectic mix of traditional local and modern western flavours.

Our idea is to serve healthy (and filling!) meals satisfying taste buds and fuelling for days of adventure. Our kitchen is influenced by Italy and once in a while we serve crispy thin Italian pizzas which fresh herbs from our garden.

Fresh fruits served at the restaurant daily

Delicious fruity breakfasts

We are also open in the evening for outside guests! Please call in advance for reservation (071 401 2002 Mondy).

Our chilled out restaurant area

Sri Lankan traditional meals

Relax and enjoy a great meal at our restaurant

Italian pizzas at the restaurant!

Our open air restaurant is a vibrant meeting point for kite surfers and travellers from all over the world. The space hosts good music, hot discussions, good coffee and long chats into early hours. Occasionally we have the honour to have a local calypso band performing in the evening.